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Some Information about the Images in the Client Area Gallery:

The images in the gallery are designed for screen only and are not suitable for print.

A USB or DVD with your high resolution photographs are also available.

Feel Free to Share your Client Area Gallery:

Holguin Photography encourage you to share your gallery and password with your friends and family. We understand everyone has individual feelings about what and they want to share online and to whom they want to share it with. So we leave the choice to you and we promise not to share or use any photos without your prior permission.

Galleries will remain in the private gallery for at least 6 months.

Happy viewing.

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Important info:

Please select the gallery you wish to view. You may be asked to enter a password if you have been provided with one.

On certain galleries, prints & JPEGs can be purchased directly from the gallery. If you would like to order something which you cannot get from your gallery, please contact me.

Welcome to the client area.

 Please use your password to access your gallery

Please allow up to 28 days for your photos to be ready